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Industrial IoT Messaging Software

Share actionable, meaningful information with the
right people at the right time on any device, anywhere, improving productivity and financial results.


When employees are on the same page and committed
to each other; great things happen.


promotes employee interaction, instills ownership
and accelerates responsiveness; transforming how work
gets done – with machines part of the team.

Integration Partner: Squeaks

Messaging with a Machine Touch

Easily integrate with nearly every automation control,
industrial device, production machine or tool, and enterprise software system commonly found in manufacturing.

People communicate, to-the-point
information when it matters most.

  • Brief messages contain rich,
    multi-media content including text, image and video.

  • Create public and private teams / groups to stay connected with what
    is important.

  • Use “@ mention” to directly notify a specific team member so everyone stays on the same page.

  • Use the “Pin” feature to mark the messages when they matter most.

Machines converse to notify people of

key issues and data measures.

  • Configurable messages are automatically broadcast when monitored trigger conditions are met. 

  • Icons offer at-a-glance equipment status/performance to simplify communication.

  • Messages can include hashtags such as #QualityAlert or #ProductionUpdate to make it easy for team members to follow the information that is most relevant to them.

People collaborate to accelerate actions
and confirm closure.

  • Stages of communication are tracked from start to finish.  Every action is date and time stamped.

  • Responsible team members indicate they are taking ownership for a specific message (task or issue) utilizing the “Got It” feature. 

  • Messages (task or issue) can be marked as closed, placed on hold, or scheduled for future completion by authorized team members.

  • Flexible escalation workflow with four configurable settings to manage escalation alerts.  Escalation workflows can be defined for specific messages or message types.

Better Results, Faster.

  • Metrics and performance tracking offer the means to view and measure individual and team responsiveness and contribution. 

  • People and machines communicate actionable information to the right people, when it matters most.

  • Clear, transparent communication fosters collaboration allowing knowledge to be shared and challenges to be overcome, together.

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